We simplify Sourcing Products from India

We make Importing from India Easy, Fast and Secure.

We are a Global Sourcing Company with offices in India and United Kingdom (UK) with Clients spread across USA, U.K, Europe, and Middle East.

We work with our Customers to Source directly from Factories to help them get

    1. Unique Products
    2. Reduced Cost
    3. Timely Delivery to your Door Step
    4. Best Quality
    5. Hassle Free Experience

What is Sourcing?

Sourcing is derived from the word Source which means Root, or the point where it begins.
The process of Identifying where & how something can be obtained is called Sourcing.
Sourcing is therefore defined as Identifying suitable products and services provided by qualified suppliers or manufacturers.
Sourcing can also be called Procurement.
One of the most common reasons of doing sourcing is to provide Cost Advantage of Competition.
We help you in Sourcing from Factories and thereby reducing your Cost.
The other Reasons for Sourcing are:-

    • Unique Products
    • Hassle Free Experience
    • Better Quality
    • Timely Delivery

What is a Sourcing Agent?

A Sourcing Agent is a Person that helps the Buyer with Locating Products and Services as required by the Buyer.
A sourcing agent may be an individual agent or a company representative.

Sourcing Agent is the Person who takes control of the complete sourcing Process from finding the right product, and right supplier to the manufacturing, quality control, and final delivery to your address.
Sourcing can also be called Procurement.
He/ She work along with various departments and performs various activities on your behalf to provide you a hassle free importing experience.

What are the sourcing Activates performed by the sourcing agent?

What are the sourcing Activates performed by the sourcing agent?

  • A Sourcing Agent will work with designers to help buyer develop market trend mapping reports
  • Sourcing Agent will then help Buyer choose right Manufacturer / Factories based on their Design , Cost and Capabilities
  • Then he / she will assist Manufacturer / Factories to interpret Buyer Requirements
  • Sourcing agent Assists Buyer develop complete collections based on Trend Forecasts & Prices.
  • Sourcing agent will ensure Delivery of Sample as per needs of the Customer.
  • Sourcing agent is responsible for Coordinating with Manufacturer / Factories to ensure correct details are received
  • He/ She ensures Monitoring Process of Orders
  • Sourcing agent is responsible for Timely delivery of Orders via Regular Checks and Reviews
  • Sourcing agent conducts Inspection of goods inline to Buyer requirements and Standards
  • He / She advises buyer on various inspections
    1. Pilot Inspection
    2. On Machine Inspection
    3. Inline Inspection
    4. Mid Inspection
    5. Final Inspection
  • While a Third party provides inspection in line to $200-300 / Man Day the buyer can utilize our services as a Quality Check company. These services are available at economical prices and Provide higher percentage inspection than Third party or we even provide 100% Inspection.
  • While Third party Quality Checking companies only do Checking and don’t provide any suggestions our Quality Check team will also provide suggestions and recommendations if possible.
  • Sourcing agent Ensures goods are dispatched to Buyer within agreed timelines
  • He/ She will ensure Monitoring of Export Documentation inline to Buyer Requirements
  • Sourcing Agent Coordinates with the Logistics companies to ensure you have a hassle free, timely cost efficient delivery.
  • For our Ecommerce / Amazon FBA & Drop Shipping clients we also provide warehousing services where a warehouse and drop shipping facilities can be used in India for a very Economical Price. Our Sourcing Agent Can provides you details.
  • Sourcing agent can help you with Standard White Background Photograph for Amazon / Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Sellers and Drop Shippers. We have In-house Photo-studio that helps in reducing time and cost of photography.
  • Sourcing agent can also help you with Packaging Design based on your Brand Image and Profile. We have In-house Packaging Designers with years of experience with Multiple Projects that helps in providing better Packaging Design with Faster time to market.
  • Sourcing Agent also has available Amazon Specific Content writers with experience in A+ Content & Listing.



  • As we are a Small family owned Business we understand the problems of Entrepreneurs and Small Business
  • Every team Member takes complete ownership of the Project to deliver success


  • Small Businesses needs to reduce Cost and therefore we offer one of the lowest Minimum Order Quantity and Pricing in India
  • We encourage Clients to compare our services with all the players


  • Since we are a family owned business we understand the importance of Long Term Partnership, most of our customers and manufacturers have worked with us across generations.


  • We provide multiple services to ensure our clients have a one stop solution in India
  • This helps in reducing cost and lead time for clients and helps deliver a hassle free experience to clients

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